Setting Emails on Android Gmail App

Step 1 – Open the Gmail app

Open the Gmail app on your Android device.

Step 2 – Go to Settings

  1. Click the menu in the top left corner to open Settings.
  2. Tap Settings at the bottom of the menu that opens.

Step 4 – Click Add account

Click Add account to start setup.

Step 5 – Click Other

Select Other as the account you want to set up.

Tip: If you want to set up your email with Mobile Sync, choose Exchange instead.

Step 6 – Enter your email address

  1. Type in the email address you want to set up.
  2. Click Next.

Step 7 – Select IMAP

Select IMAP as the account type.

Step 8 – Enter your password

  1. Type in your email password, the one you use to log in to Webmail.
  2. Click Next.


Step 9 – Enter for incoming server

  1. Type in as the incoming server.
  2. Click Next.

Step 10 – Enter for outgoing server

  1. Type in as the outgoing server.
  2. Click Next.

Step 11 – Select account options

Here you set how often Gmail should look for new emails, when you get notifications and more. Uncheck any options you don’t want and click Next to continue.


Step 12 – Done!

Your account is now set up and ready to go!