Whether it’s strategy development, content creation, Google and online advertising, or search-engine optimisation, our work combines these disciplines in a glorious mashup of storytelling, grabbing the attention of South African consumers and delighting our clients with real business outcomes.


We build digital strategies that help you meet your business objectives. Whether you’re looking for an increase in awareness or engagement, an uptick in positive sentiment about your brand, higher website traffic, or increased lead generation, we’ll create an approach that delivers.


We craft content for digital channels that not only aligns to your brand’s key messages, but is designed specifically for the platforms it’s posted on. We capture the attention of audiences using strong copy and media-rich content – including imagery, videos, podcasts and infographics – to create a consistent user journey from your website, to your company’s social media platforms, to personal LinkedIn profiles.


Our social media platform management service helps brands build an authentic online community amongst their customers, employees and partners. We don’t just manage your brand’s company profiles: we offer insights to help take your social media to the next level.


At Comfort’s Aviate Designs, we harness the power of social media and Google advertising to ensure your brand’s messages are targeted at the right audiences. Employing lead generation campaigns using your owned digital channels also means your business achieves better results throughout your marketing funnel.


Word of mouth has always been the strongest form of endorsement. That’s why trusted influencers are the online equivalent of high-value editorial endorsement. Cabe Designs is fluent in the voices of the brands that we represent. We identify and work with key influencers to deliver authentic, quality content to the right segment, in the right style, at the right time.