websitesThe biggest shortfall for any company in the 21st century is operating without a website. CABE designs is an expert in website design determined to design quality websites that will work for you, and make your company grow from “Zero to Hero” or from strength to strength “We brand your vision”, allowing your products or services to be visible to online to potential clients who will interact with your business while you are sleeping.




Does my company need a website?

A website is a very easy and cost effective way for a company to showcase its services and products to potential clients. It’s more of a dynamic spokesperson of the company that can interact with users away from your office. It gives users a better understanding of what the company offers and where to locate their company and to see all your archived expertise without a formal meeting

The worst mistake a company can make is to adopt a “set it and forget it” approach to their website! We help manage your website after designing it, with over 5 years of experience we make sure that your website remains dynamic and fresh to attract more visitors.

To CABE designs a website design is more than just the display of company information and product information but rather an employee that works for your company even while you’re sleeping.

CABE designs guarantee websites that:

  • Always updated information about your company and products / services
  • Ability to add a shopping cart to sell products online & Customization friendly
  • Blog / Forum to connect with different clients and have a dynamic interaction
  • Online quote request via an email, or any php online querying from clients
  • Set up an FAQ-to answer questions that potential clients
  • A 24/7 live hosting, makes your company open 24/7

CABE designs we also specialise in giving old websites a new LOOK and FEEL