Flyers are also commonly known as a circular, handbill or leaflet, and can be used by all kinds of businesses big and small. A flyer is a single page of information about a company, product, specials or promotions that a company is offering.

Flyers are simple, cost-effective and easy to print and hand out. Just like with Posters, flyers can expand your companies reach to the public and therefore increase your sales because large quantities can be printed and place in different areas, or handed to people in different areas. Flyers are very versatile,

cost-effective and easy to design. Advertising using flyers can help your company to capture the attention of potential customers.

You can design a flyer of any size, shape and design, utilizing high detail colour photographic images or simply black & white for the all-popular minimalist look.

Company profile booklet

The Company profile booklet serves as a means of introducing and promoting the company, capability, services and produces to the public. They can be used for:

  • Company presentation
  • Training manuals
  • Sent along with proposals

At Comfort's Aviate Trading Enterprise we design full colour and black/white profile booklet. Sizes varying from A3 folded to A4 and A4 folded to A5 booklets and A4/A5 saddle stitched or wire binded.


Brochures are an excellent way of promoting your company, products and services to your customers. Physical item has ability demonstrates your commitment and communicates the value in what you offering. Comfort's Aviate Trading Enterprise designs eye-catching brochures that gives customers confidence in your company, that will certainly bring the marketing results you expect!

Features a brochure must have:

  • Quality
  • Professional and eye-catching
  • Communicate a clearly what the company does. brochures will help you

Half-Fold - mostly used for business presentations

Tri-Fold - easy to read and unfold

Single Gate Fold - mostly used for Graphically-heavy designs

Four-Panel Fold - mostly used for promotional leaflets and program

Double-Gate Fold - mostly used for large presentations

Z Fold - mostly used for Mailing and "quick glance" hand-outs

Four-Panel Accordion Fold - mostly used for text- and information-heavy designs

Four-Panel Roll Fold - mostly used for step-by-step and tutorial information

Die-cut Z Fold - mostly used for Trade shows and booth hand-outs

Five-Panel Accordion Fold - mostly used for Travel brochures

Tri-Fold + Half-Fold- mostly used for Newsletters, maps, charts and large diagrams

Tri-Fold + Z Fold - mostly used for Newsletters and text-heavy inserts

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